Development and production of laboratory analytical and industrial equipment for heat treatment in the field of general engineering, chemical industry, jewelry industry, medical field.


New developments

Now we are actively mastering microwave (microwave) heating. Starting with a crucible for melting metals in a conventional microwave (see the "Video" section), we came close to creating an active molding mixture for a complete casting cycle into a small flask using a microwave oven.

In the near future this product will go on sale. Follow our information.


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The Russian company MIKROINSTRUMENT was established in 2005. The company develops and manufactures thermal equipment adapted to your production. Based on the requests, we also have the opportunity to modify the standard equipment, equipping it with units that expand its functions. Establishing close contacts with the manufacturer, going to the enterprises, we try to put together and fulfill the desires of the masters, managers and production owners, thus developing the maximum optimization for your business.

We have developed and are producing the MITERM kiln line on the basis of modern heat-shielding materials with the installation of unique infrared ceramic heaters made by us and the MIKONT controller-programmer of our own production. The volume of kilns is from 1.5 to 50 liters.

With us you can always consult on issues of thermal equipment, such as: controllers, programmers, lining materials (thermal protection), heating elements.

The direction of our activity in recent years has been the work on the manufacture of high-tech thermal equipment that can be used at home.

In general, modern production is moving towards the creation of small enterprises working in the exclusive direction. These enterprises need high-tech equipment of small sizes, which often simply does not exist on the market and needs to be manufactured. It is this area of cooperation that the MIKROINSTRUMENT company has chosen as its basis of activity.


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