Kiln control unit

The block is created on the basis of the controller developed by us - the MiCont 1010 programmer and is a device including

the controller itself, the TXA thermocouple and the actuator are a solid-state relay. The unit can be installed on any muffle furnace, taking into account its power and temperature range.

Programming the controller allows you to set up to 10 programs, each of which can contain up to 10 stages (steps, shelves). The programming process is much simpler than in similar devices Aries, WARTA, POLICON, THERMODAT, etc. The entire instruction fits on three pages. We recommend watching it by clicking on the "Instruction" button.


You can also familiarize yourself with the programming process of the unit by watching the video review on our controller.


Controller-Programmer MICONT 1010
Solid-state relays
Power switch
0.5 A fuse
Power cord with plug
Heat-resistant wires for connection to the heater of the furnace, 50 cm long
THA thermocouple (up to 1300ºС)


Single-phase, up to 2 kW - 12,000 rubles.

Single-phase, up to 5 kW - 15,000 rubles.

Three-phase, up to 15 kW (5 kW per phase) - 20,000 rubles.



The warranty period of the unit is 12 months from the date of sale.

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