Boxing is intended for melting small volumes of glass on the subject of Hot Jewelry Enamel and Fusing.

A microwave oven with a power of at least 700 watts is required for operation. The furnace does not require any alterations. Recommended installation power for operation is 600 watts. This is approximately 1-2 divisions less than the maximum power on the rotary kiln controller.

When working with boxing, the basic principles of working with glass and hot jewelry enamel are the same as in a muffle furnace.


Warming up to a temperature of about 900 degrees is due to the special material of the top of the box, which converts microwaves into heat.

Special thermal protection keeps the temperature and prevents the microwave oven chamber from overheating.

The diameter of the boxing chamber is 75 mm, which determines the size of the product. The height of the chamber is 25 mm. If the height of the product is greater than this value, then you need to add another middle part. It is purchased separately. The heating time is 6 - 8 minutes with an installed power of 600 watts. The exact melting mode is selected experimentally.

Using a kitchen stove where food is heated is not recommended. It is better to take a separate microwave. Moreover, the simpler - the more convenient, since in complex button models, auto-regulation is used, which is difficult to work with.

The main thing is that there should be a timer and a power of at least 700 watts.



The upper part of the box with a special heating coating.

The middle part of the box having a hole with a diameter of 75 mm

The bottom of the box is the base.

Fiber pad for recoverable boxing.

HB gloves





Put a small layer of separator - separator on the bottom heat-protective tile of the box to prevent the product from sticking. As a separator, you can use special thermal paper for fusing.

Next, the middle part of the box with a hole is laid.

When laying the product, one should take into account possible displacements during transfer to the microwave oven chamber.

After installing the product, the box closes with the top.

Transfer the box with the product thus assembled into the microwave on a rotating stand. Set the timer for 6 minutes and, closing the door, start heating.

The fiber pad must be laid in front of the microwave. A box is laid on it after being removed from the furnace.

After about 6 minutes, the glow of the box will begin through the hole in the upper part. Put on gloves and open the oven door. Carefully, with both hands, grasping the bottom hard heat-shielding tile, take out the box and transfer it to the fiber plate. Do not hurry. Open the top insert. If the glass does not melt to the end, close the box and heat it up for another 1-2 minutes. It is possible outside the oven.

The thermal inertia of the box is enough to carry out these operations without haste.

After confirming the positive result, remove the product.

The next cycle is preferably carried out after 10-15 minutes to allow the microwave to cool.

In general, working with high temperatures requires great accuracy and focus. Serious injuries can result from an irresponsible approach.




If you have never been involved in heat treatment of glass and have not worked with hot enamel, first familiarize yourself with this process. For example, on the subject of Fusing or Hot Enamel.


1. On the surface of the table where the work will be done, lay a sheet of metal. It is convenient to use a metal pan or baking sheet.

2. The work area should be well ventilated during operation and be safe in fire.

3. Before starting work, prepare all the necessary tools and draw up a sequence of operations.

4. Be sure to use gloves and long-sleeved clothing. .Turn long hair into a headscarf or hat.

5. Do not keep flammable materials near the workplace.

6. Do not store anything on top of the microwave. Do not block the ventilation openings on the sides of the oven.

7. Keep children and animals away from the work area.

8. Never put materials into the box if you do not know their properties. Tempered glass can explode, for example. Combustible inclusions can cause ignition of the furnace and fire. Metal and organic salts can lead to the formation of acids and toxic gases.

9. During prolonged use, it makes sense to use safety glasses - filters to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

10. When using electric extension cords, stack them so that they do not hook with your feet or tip the oven.

11. Do not leave a working microwave unattended. When finished, make sure that heated items and the box do not ignite any objects and are safe for others.

12. Handle boxing parts with care. By themselves, they practically do not collapse and with normal use will last a long time.

13. If the box breaks, it can be glued with any heat-resistant mastic sold in household goods.

14. When finished, do not leave the hot box inside the furnace, since the heat from it will gradually pass into the furnace chamber and may spoil it. For long interruptions in operation, it makes sense to unplug the power plug from the outlet.

Please read the following safety precautions carefully.

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