Miterm Mikro Kiln    33,000 rubles.

The design of the Miterm MIKRO Kiln was developed taking into account information and wishes received from masters working with thermal equipment in various areas of jewelry and applied art, such as: enameling, casting, ceramics, fusing, lampwork, metal glue, etc. The opinion of specialists using small-sized kilns for laboratory research was especially taken into account. We tried to combine all these, sometimes contradictory, requirements in this model in order to put on the market an apparatus that allows achieving good results both for novice masters and those who already have work experience and are trying to achieve new equipment more progress in their activities.

The kiln design uses modern non-dusting materials for lining the heating chamber. Heating elements are built into the ceramic muffle, excluding the release of scale particles, which is especially important when conducting laboratory tests. Quartz glass-porthole allows you to visually monitor the process of heat treatment. In the back wall there is a chimney for the passive removal of smoke, gases and other volatile products formed during calcination. This, in particular, allows the use of a furnace for calcining flasks up to 90 mm high.

The type of controller is multi-stage, it has the ability to lay 10 programs in 10 stages (shelves), depending on the technology.


Supply voltage 220 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption 1 kW

Power Consumption 5 A

Maximum temperature 900 ºС

Heating - left, right.

Warming up time to 900 ºС - 30 minutes

Quartz glass-illuminator, diameter 45 mm

Chamber dimensions H 90 x W 90 x D 160

Dimensions width 360 mm x depth 290 mm x height 270 mm

Weight 8 kg

Warranty period of operation 12 months

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