Miterm-27 Kiln    60,000 rubles.

By developing and manufacturing this kiln, the MIKROINSTRUMENT company laid down the fundamental possibility of changing the dimensions and other design requirements of the customer depending on specific tasks.

The kiln design uses modern non-dusting materials for lining the heating chamber based on high-temperature fiber in combination with solid ceramics of the chamber design. Heating elements - panels with closed spirals, are located on the left and on the right, exclude the release of particles of scale, and the occurrence of a short circuit when particles of smoke and fire get on the spiral wire. The exhaust system is made in the form of an inlet in the oven door and an outlet in the ceiling (arch), which provides a constant air flow, necessary for smoke removal and saturation of the formassa with oxygen when calcining the flasks.

The type of controller is multi-stage, it has the ability to lay 10 programs in 10 stages (shelves, steps), depending on the technology.


Supply voltage 220 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption 3 kW

Power Consumption 14 A

Maximum temperature 900 ºС

Heating - left, right.

Warming up time to 900 ºС - 40 minutes

Chamber dimensions H 300X W 300X D 300 mm

Weight 34 kg

Warranty period of operation 12 months

             Warranty period of operation 12 months

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