Infrared Ceramic Heaters

The ceramic heater is a spiral embedded in special ceramics. Heat generation becomes close to infrared. It is more gentle than in open spirals (for example, when the oven door is opened, there is no burning effect of ultraviolet radiation on the face). This arrangement also allows you to protect the metal of the spiral from the effects of chemicals released during calcination. For example, during heat treatment of flasks, active smoke formation occurs, which leads to open circuit in open spirals. During heat treatment of glass and enamels, closed spirals help to avoid getting scale on products. Panels are more durable than open spirals. The service life for industrial use is approximately 5 years. Replacing them is not complicated. Sometimes panels are used in the repair of furnaces "EKS" - ("SNOL"), simply by inserting them on the sides into a soft muffle. The size of the heaters we offer is a complete analogue of the panels installed earlier in the YuVIN, PM, NAKAL and other furnaces. However, the ceramic and spiral materials are more modern, allowing to obtain a working temperature in the chamber of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. The heaters manufactured by us - the company "Mikroinstrument", are available in two types - 110 volts (two panels are connected in series) and 220 volts (panels are connected in parallel).

SIZES (length x width) with a thickness of 20 mm

1.160mm x 90mm - 110 Volts Power 500 W Price 1500 rub.
2.190mm x 90mm - 110 Volt Power 600 W Price 1500 rub.
3.200mm x 100mm - 110 Volt Power 600 W Price 2000 rub.
4. 200mm x 200mm - 110 Volt Power 800 W Price 4000 rub.
5. 300mm x 200mm - 220 Volt Power 1.4 kW Price 6000 rubles.
6.300mm x 300mm - 220 Volt Power 1.6 kW Price 9000 rub.
7. 400mm x 350mm - 220 Volt Power 2 kW Price 12000 rub.
8. 500mm x 300mm - 220 Volt Power 2.5 kW Price 15000 rub.

All panels have a ledge-side for ease of installation. There is the possibility of manufacturing panels with other sizes, including cylindrical.

You can also order spirals for kilns and ceramic parts from us according to specified sizes.

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