Miterm S-100-4 Melting Kiln    40,000 rubles.

The melting kiln developed by us is close in performance to induction, but it does not have such problems as water supply, complexity in control, attachment to certain graphite crucibles, maintainability, and, of course, price.
The heating elements are silicon carbide rods, which allow working in the temperature range up to 1300 ° C. (If necessary, we produce a model that works up to 1450 ºС)
In the kiln, it is possible to use standard graphite crucibles with a volume of 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, the diameters of which are, respectively, 50, 52, 56 mm. Due to the high heating rate (1 kg from the cold one in 20 minutes), it is possible to reduce the wear of the crucibles, since they are less in the working zone in time compared to the spiral heating design.
Particular attention is paid to service. The maintainability of the kiln allows you not to resort to the services of special services, doing everything on site. Replacing the heating elements is easy as they are mounted with spring clips. Even if metal leaks into the chamber, it can be removed. All oven maintenance is fully available to the consumer.


Supply voltage 220 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption 2.5 kW

Current consumption 11 A

Maximum temperature 1300 ºС

Crucible - standard 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg (crucible is not included in the package)

Kiln dimensions: Width 450 mm x Depth 260 mm x Height 380 mm

Kiln weight 12 kg

Warranty period of operation 12 months