Miterm S-150-4 Melting Kiln    55,000 rubles.

The melting kiln developed by us is close to induction in its performance, however, it does not have such problems as: water supply, complexity in control, attachment to certain graphite crucibles, maintainability, and, of course, price.
The heating elements are silicon carbide rods that allow operation in a temperature range up to 1300 ° C. (If necessary, we produce a model that works up to 1450 ° C)
The relatively large volume of the crucible makes it possible to solve the problems associated, among other things, with the casting of large items made of non-ferrous metals and alloys: copper, bronze, cupronickel, nickel silver, and light-alloy materials. It is possible to use an oven for refining calcination.

The kiln is supplied with an AX-10 crucible manufactured by the Luga Abrasive Plant. Volume - 10 kg (for copper). Other similar crucibles are also suitable.
Melting time with a full load of the crucible and a given melting temperature at 1200 ° C from a cold state - 1 hour

The undoubted advantage of this kiln is its complete maintainability. You can replace the heating elements and thermal protection (in case of metal spillage) yourself. Thus, you will never find yourself in a situation where you have to work - and the oven is broken. All oven maintenance is fully available to the consumer.


Supply voltage 220 V

Frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption 3 kW

Current consumption 15 A

Maximum temperature 1300 ºС

Crucible-10 kg for copper.

Furnace weight 22.5 kg (without crucible)

Overall dimensions Width 550 x Depth 400 x Height 430 mm

Warranty period of operation 12 months

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